These organizations are on a mission to save the world

From pollution and climate change to a loss of biodiversity in ecosystems around the globe, threats to the environment form many of the greatest challenges of our time. Though the stakes are high, and the obstacles daunting, innovators and communities are boldly answering the call.

June 2022

Drones and A.I. Hunting Down Invasive Plants at Salt River

From a birds-eye view, scientists are spotting their targets using drones to get rid of as many invasive species as possible.

August 2021

Society for Science Supports National Forest Foundation Project Green Drone AZ

National Forest Foundation will receive funding for Project Green Drone AZ, which seeks to provide equitable access to unique STEM opportunities for middle and high school students in Metro Phoenix.

July 2021

Arizona Nursery Association Includes Article on Lower Salt River Restoration Project and Green Drone AZ

The Arizona Nursery Association included an article about the Lower Salt River Restoration Project and Green Drone AZ in their July/August 2021 issue.

July/August 2021

Green Drone AZ Announces Scholarship Recipients

Green Drone AZ announced scholarship recipients from the 2020/2021 school year! This scholarship was made available through our ongoing partnerships with the National Forest Foundation and The Boeing Company. The scholarship includes funding to participate in an online FAA Part 107 training course and will cover their exam fees associated with becoming a licensed commercial drone pilot. Congratulations!

May 2021

An Integrated Spectral–Structural Workflow for Invasive Vegetation Mapping in an Arid Region Using Drones

Mapping invasive vegetation species in arid regions is a critical task for managing water resources and understanding threats to ecosystem services.

March 2021

Pix4D – Drones in School: Students Fighting Climate Change

Pix4D offers a unique photogrammetry software suite designed especially for drone mapping. The Pix4D company is based in Switzerland, with over 55,000 users around the globe. Green Drone AZ utilizes this software to turn tens of thousands of drone images into meaningful data. Pix4D recognizes that STEM subjects are critical in the fight against climate change and in February 2021, highlighted the Green Drone AZ program for its effort to engage high school students in drone, GIS, and photogrammetry technology.

February 2021

Distance Learning Opportunities in the Face of a Pandemic

The National Forest Foundation is a fundamental partner, project sponsor and funder of the Green Drone AZ program. The NFF Mission is to engage Americans in promoting the health and public enjoyment of our National Forests. Youth engagement is a key piece of this mission. In January 2021, NFF highlighted the unique distance learning opportunity the Green Drone AZ program offered teachers and students during the COVID19 pandemic.

January 2021

Boeing Celebrates Second Annual Investment in Green Drone AZ

Boeing is the world’s largest aerospace company and leading provider of commercial airplanes, defense, space and security systems, and global services. As the top U.S. exporter, the company supports commercial and government customers in more than 150 countries and leverages a global supplier base’s talent. Building on a legacy of aerospace leadership, Boeing continues to lead in technology and innovation, deliver for its customers and invest in its people and future growth. Green Drone AZ cannot thank Boeing enough for providing this opportunity to connect with Phoenix area school students and share with them how cutting-edge technology can be used to solve real world environmental challenges.

January 2021

STEM Pro Live! Green Drone AZ

The office of the Maricopa County School Superintendent hosted Green Drone AZ in their first STEM Pro Live event of the 2020-2021 school year!

August 2020

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