Project Overview

The Lower Salt River Restoration Project (LSRRP) is a riparian restoration project located on the Lower Salt River within the Mesa Ranger District, Tonto National Forest. The project aims to protect one of the few remaining low elevation desert riparian vegetation communities in the state.

The project will begin by restoring areas affected by the Cactus Fire, with a long-term goal of restoring the entire 14 miles of the Lower Salt River Recreation Area. Ecologically, the project aims to reduce the presence of invasive plant species, increase native plant abundance, reduce the risk of wildfire, increase water quality and quantity and improve riparian habitat for wildlife species.

In addition to these ecological benefits, the project aims to educate and involve the local community through partnership opportunities, environmental education events for K-12 students and sustained community involvement in monitoring and maintaining restoration activities.

The Goal

The goal of the LSRRP is to reduce the presence of invasive plant species, increase the abundance and diversity of native plant species, improve riparian habitat, reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfires, and increase awareness by engaging the local community. Together we are stronger, and together can help restore the Lower Salt River for future generations.

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