2022 ASU Interns

2022 MASGIS Cohort

These interns will build upon the data analysis and products that were produced by the 2020 and 2021 MASGIS interns. The 2022 MASGIS interns plan to refine the vegetation classification process, produce a model for future interns, and assist with outreach applications to better inform and inspire our youth. These interns will serve as mentors to the high school students and help bridge the gap between academics and professionals in the field.

Chrisovalantou Karakozis

Chrisovalantou has a B.S. in Conservation Biology and Ecology and a minor in sustainability. She is currently a research aide at ASU working with GIS and remote sensing in relation to agriculture. Chrisovalantou plans to graduate with her M.A.S. in GIS in 2022.

Zhongxing Deng

Zhongxing has a B.A. in GIS from Arizona State University. He has been involved in commercial projects related to UAV remote sensing. He has some experience in managing remote sensing data using GIS platforms. Zhongxing plans to graduate from the M.A.S GIS program in summer 2022.

2022 Capstone Proposal

By: Chrisovalantou Karakozis and Zhongxing Deng
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