2020 ASU Interns

2020 MASGIS Cohort

Green Drone AZ partnered with ASU to bring a team of graduate students in the field of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to the project. These interns helped with the data analysis and development of products as part of an internship in the M.A.S. in GIS degree. This partnership helps to meet Green Drone AZ’s objective of building a network of students and professionals interested in using cutting edge technology to solve real world issues in natural resource management. These interns served as mentors to the high school students and helped bridge the gap between academics and professionals in the field.

Arnold Kedia

Arnold was a GIS master’s student and GIS Research Aide at the School of Geographic Sciences and Urban Planning at ASU. He is an analytical and results-driven professional with several years of experience in geological research, mapping, mineral exploration, GIS and remote sensing. Arnold employed significant subject matter expertise across diverse disciplines and digital technologies while in the program. Arnold graduated with his M.A.S. in GIS in 2020.

Arnold currently works for Cox Communications in their GIS department in Arizona, USA.

Audrey Cleaver

Audrey has a B.S. in Urban Planning and Sustainability, as well as a certificate in GIS from Ohio State University. She worked with the Morrison Institute of Public Policy at ASU’s Watts College as their GIS specialist. Audrey previously worked on projects in economic development, urban planning, water management and public policy research. Audrey graduated with her M.A.S. in GIS in 2020.

Audrey currently works at Dominion Energy in Ohio, USA.

Brandi Kapos

Brandi has a B.S. in Biological Sciences from ASU. Brandi is originally from Vancouver, Canada, but has resided in Arizona, USA for several years. She previously worked with Saguaro National Park and American Conservation Experience to build/maintain trails and carry out restoration projects including invasive species removal. Brandi graduated with her M.A.S. in GIS in 2020.

Brandi currently works for Cox Communications in their GIS department in Arizona, USA.

Jacob Perez

Jacob has a B.S. in Political Science and a certificate in GIS from ASU. He worked with the Kyl Center for Water Policy a the ASU Morrison Institute. Jacob used online GIS data to expand public knowledge of water policy in Arizona, USA. His work at the Kyl Center led him to seek accessibility in geographic data for public use and analysis. Jacob graduated with his M.A.S. in GIS in 2020.

Jacob currently works for the Arizona Municipal Water Users Association in Arizona, USA.

Songmei Liao

Songmei holds a B.S. in GIS from China. Having been in the GIS field for several years, she has completed several projects related to .NET programming, 3D-GIS, remote sensing, meteorology and much more. Songmei graduated with her M.A.S. in GIS in 2020.

Songmei currently works in a GIS department in China.

2020 Capstone Projects

Classification of Vegetation Species Along the Lower Salt River Using Unmanned Aircraft Systems and Deep Learning Neural Networks

By: Arnold Kedia, Brandi Kapos and Songmei Liao

Vegetation Classification and Monitoring for Restoration Management of the Lower Salt River

By: Audrey Cleaver and Jacob Perez

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